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Overview, Person First Philosophy & Course Consultation


Training Innovations provide training within a wide variety of business environments spanning public, private and voluntary sectors, including health and social care, and leisure and service industries. Our clients include the NHS, commercial businesses, public service providers, local and national charities and voluntary organisations, private hospitals, care homes, supported living projects and domiciliary care agencies. We are often the training provider of choice.

We are also unique providers of bespoke mental health training and consultancy services which offer innovative and specialised solutions to learning needs, underpinned by the latest research evidence and best practice and policy guidelines. We are experts in the field of mental health and our clinicians and trainers have a range of knowledge and expertise in working with disability, education, children and adolescents, criminal justice and social services.

We realise that achieving excellence in the services you provide requires that your employees receive the right training, at the highest level and at the right time. We aim to exceed industry standards and enhance the knowledge and skills of your employees and bring out their best in order to assure quality and value, and promote innovation.

Person First Philosophy

Our Person First philosophy considers the Person in their own relational contexts in order to validate and promote visibility as a Person: a member of a community, a father, a mother, a sister, a brother. The approach seeks to understand and appreciate a Person by focussing on individual strengths and the common goals of humanity in order to achieve recovery and rehabilitation; rather than use impersonal, pejorative and limiting concepts such as: patient, schizophrenia and personality disorder. The Whole Person is greater than any sum of concepts that label, mislead, stigmatise, cause distress or segregate the Person from his or her own context and the support therein. The Person First approach outlines six broad objectives in order to attain ownership of self and reclaim personhood: Reparation, Reconciliation, Realignment, Reclamation/ Reformation, Recognition, and finally Resilience/ Recovery.

The concept of a journey is universal in the achievement of personal growth. We are all on a unique journey, whether it is the pursuit of a life long goal, a chosen career, or the road to recovery. Therefore, we realise that for many people who experience mental health difficulties, the road to recovery may often appear daunting. Having mental health professionals working alongside you, who can foster hope and use the most effective interventions available, will make the journey easier.

Pre & Post-course Briefing & Consultation

Training Innovations understand that learning needs are as diverse as practice settings. It is our professional commitment as part of the process of developing specific training or consultancy package to consult with all customers to discuss and tailor packages to meet the needs of the organisation - at no extra cost. We offer a range of traditional and bespoke training packages and believe that this approach allows each customer we work with to receive a unique training and development experience. We also offer a post-course briefing to maximise the learning process after the course is delivered - again at no extra cost!