Coping with Stress in the Workplace 1 day

Life is full of stressors and coping with them can at times be overwhelming, especially at work and stress accounts for a high proportion of employee absences.  Our 1-day course offers effective coping strategies and exercises which reduce stress, whilst maintaining performance in demanding, high-pressure environments. The course explores how factors such as societies reliance on ever-complicated technology and negative self-belief can increase stress.  A number of tress-relieving techniques such as mindfulness, self-narrative and positive psychology can be employed to reduce stress.  This course can be adapted to suit your organisation or business and contains a built in follow-up package.

Duration: 1 day

Experience: None required

This course is suitable for: all professionals who work within a high pressure environments and who are interested in coping more effectively with stress.

Number of Trainees: 15 maximum

Course Standard: Certificate of attendance

Equipment Needed: A range of learning materials will be provided

Candidates will cover:

  • The causes and effects of stress
  • Effective coping strategies
  • Work life balance
  • The responsibilities of employers in relation to stress
  • How positive working culture can decrease employee stress and prevent burn-out and sickness
  • Positive psychology