Epilepsy Awareness

This Epilepsy Awareness training course is aimed at raising awareness of the importance of the safe care and management of epilepsy. The course explores some of the common misconceptions about epilepsy and to care for someone who experiences seizures.  On completion of this course staff will be aware of the clinical features of epilepsy and contribute to the care and wellbeing of patients who experience epileptic seizures.

Duration: 2 hours

Experience: None required.

This course is suitable for all staff currently working within health and social care settings in the United Kingdom who may come into contact with patients who experience epileptic seizures.

Number of Trainees: 16 maximum

Course Standard: Certificate of attendance

Equipment Needed: Hand-outs will be provided

Candidates will cover:

  • Definitions, diagnosis and symptoms of epilepsy, including the nature and incidence of epilepsy
  • Seizures and seizure types
  • Care and treatment of epilepsy, including basic first aid and emergency care
  • What to do when caring for a patient experiencing an epileptic seizure
  • Care and management of patients who experience epileptic seizures
  • Living with epilepsy

By the end of the course Candidates will be able to:

  • Describe the diagnosis, symptoms and different types of epilepsy
  • Understand and demonstrate the care and treatment of patients with epilepsy
  • Understand the impact of epileptic seizures
  • Contribute to the care-planning and safe management and care of patients who experience epileptic seizures, including basic first aid for epileptic sufferers

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