Specialist Consultancy

Our specialist consultants have provided expert advice and support to a number of lead healthcare and charitable organisations within the field of mental health, including: Bright, Mind, Mental Health Foundation, Nominet Trust, and the Paul Hamlyn Foundation. We have been involved in a number of mental health projects both locally and nationally.

Employing the correct clinical strategies and interventions at the right time is one of the key factors in providing excellent quality-driven care, cutting length of stay, maximising outcomes and reducing costs.

Training Innovations offer consultancy in the following clinical areas:

  • Art modalities (including digital media)/ Creative Expression/ Arts Health
  • Assessment within Mental Health, including Psychological & Psychosocial
  • Bespoke Induction Training Packages
  • Business Consultancy and Mentoring for Clinical Environments
  • Challenging Behaviour
  • Crisis Intervention
  • Education & Employment support for mental heath service users
  • Holistic Modalities within health and social care settings
  • Management of Violence & Aggression
  • Personality Disorders
  • Project Management in Health Care settings
  • Psychotherapy
  • Reflective/ Reflexive Practice/ Praxis, Coaching & Mentoring
  • Risk Assessment: including HCR-20, SVR-20, SAPROF, START & RSVP
  • Stress & Anxiety Management for businesses or individuals
  • Self-injurious & suicidal behaviours
  • Team Building: Inspiring Clinicians & Clinical Teams

Email us for a free consultation meeting to find out how we can help you or your organisation: info@traininginnovations.co.uk