3 August 2015

Working with Personality Disorder Workshop

Working with someone who experiences personality difficulties or who has a diagnosis of personality disorder can be complex and challenging.  Our Working with Personality Disorder Workshop has received some very positive reviews and  is specifically designed for clinicians working in this area, especially with specialist secure and rehabilitation environments.

The programme is designed for clinicians who wish to gain an informed understanding of working with patients with a diagnosis of personality disorder, both within in-patient and out-patient settings, and acquire the basic skills required to work with such complex conditions. Also covered are some of the common misconceptions of personality disorders and psychopathology and how to overcome stigma.

This course is suitable for all staff currently working within health and social care settings in the United Kingdom. The course is designed to meet the training needs of clinicians working with patients diagnosed with one or more personality disorders.

Candidates will cover:
The concept of personality and personality disorder, including key theories and research and seminal literature
Diagnostic criteria for the different types of personality disorder
Identifying the key attributes that are problematic for the person and how a patient with a personality disorder may present challenges to clinicians
Forming a case conceptualisation: what lies behind the problem and what is maintaining it?
How to assess, treat and manage personality disorder, including the use of key risk tools and Structured Professional Judgement (SPJ)

By the end of the course Candidates will be able to:
Have an informed understanding of personality disorders
Understand the possible causes of personality disorder
Describe the different treatments available for personality disorder
Contribute to the implementation of effective assessment and treatment strategies
Have a clear understanding of how to work with patients and help them manage their problems related to personality disorders

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